Touring Venice on a SUP board

is the most exciting, unusual, eco-friendly way to see the City.

Surf Club Venezia offers a selection of water activities you can choose from. Please visit our prices page to find out more about our tours

Before starting your Stand Up Paddle adventure in Venice take a look to information box below.

Info and Booking: 


Do not enter Venice canals by yourself.

These are our streets and you need to know the peculiar rules of the traffic.

A damage to a gondola might cost more than your whole holiday...

You want to know that:

NO SUP RENTALS allowed in Venice, these are all guided SUP excursions

Meeting point

Please see map HERE. If you can't see the map you can also look for Madonna dell'Orto church. Our spot stands 30 mt to the right.

There is room to leave your belongings at our spot, toilets and dressing rooms.

Dressing Code

No bare chest or swim suits in all Venice. You'll be ok in your t-shirt and shorts in summertime. In Autumn and Springtime it can be quite chilly, therefore you might need your booties, long trousers, wind jacket. Bring a towel and a change just in case.

Number of participants

The tour hosts maximum 4 people in the group. Boards, leash and paddles are included. These are private sessions, in order to give you the best service we do not add other participants to your tour. Please contact us if your group is bigger. We will provide tailor made excursions according to your needs.

The route 

The route of the SUP tour is decided time by time by the Instructor/SUP guide. It depends on the level of the participants, on the conditions of the weather, the level of the tide, on the conditions of the traffic.

How long

You can choose the 1 hour or 2 hours excursion. This includes a short briefing before leaving.


For online bookings we send a PayPal invoice; for last minute bookings we can only accept Euro cash. No credit cards or ATM at our spot. Please book in advance in order to reserve your SUP in Venice experience, the sooner the better.

Boards, leash and paddles are included. We provide 11' all round very stable school boards, soft top for the most comfortable touring.

Weather conditions

Tours are subject to weather conditions, such as rain or strong winds. Please be available by telephone or e-mail once you are in Venice in case we need to get in touch.

First time paddlers 

As swimming is totally forbidden in the canals, we are not allowed to jump in the water. You don't need to be a pro, just be confident with the basic SUP techniques: you need to stop the board at the crossings or junctions also in the current and you need to know how to veer 90° sharp (no surfing stance, paddling backwards is ok) if you are first time on a SUP please ask for our SUP Beginners tour. This package is designed to provide the skills you need to paddle in our SUP excursions in Venice. 

Children with you

According to Venetian navigation law, over 14 years old only can SUP in the canals of the lagoon. We have special tailored tours for family. Please contact us for more details and prices at

Pets with you

No dogs admitted on board. Please contact us to arrange different SUP excursions with dogs

Join an open tour

If asking to join an open you will be asked to pay for a deposit of 40€. If we don't find anyone to join your open you will be refunded totally. If you arrive late or no show you will lose all the deposit.

Terms and conditions


If you are late please call/text the guide. The tour is to be payed totally: no discount if the tour is shorter because you are late. The guide can't lengthen the time of the tour. The guide waits up to 20 minutes for latecomers, after that the guide declairs the tour delated for no show and you will be asked to pay for it totally.


When booking a small deposit is to be payed via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account you can use your credit card as PayPal gives this choice. If the guide states the conditions of the weather are not safe you will be refunded totally or you can arrange a new date/timetable with the guide. The reimbourse is to be done via PayPal only.

Physical Conditions:

In order to take part on this activity you need to be in suitable physical conditions. The guide can delate the tour if she finds participants under effects of drugs or alcohol.


There is a fixed allowance of 350€ on injuries. The insurance pays the amount over it ony. For this reason you will be required to sign a release form before starting the tour. The insurance doesn't cover the damages caused to boats, SUP boards and paddles.


The tour is to be payed before starting.


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